A Dentist With A Passion

Many children around the world are born with a potentially devastating facial deformity. In the United States, we are fortunate to have the resources and funds to provide safe operation practices to correct these deformities. Unfortunately, there are many children in other areas of the world who do not receive the proper treatment. Avi Weisfogel quickly became passionate sharing his dental expertise and helping to raise funds to bring a bright future to these children.

Avi Weisfogel, a practicing dentist in New Jersey, graduated with his Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Later, he went on to earn his Doctor of Dental Surgery at New York University College of Dentistry. In a class of 250 dental students, he finished in the top half of his class.

Upon completion of his Doctor of Dental Surgery, Avi opened his own dental practice. During this time in his private practice, he was awarded top dentist from 2007-2013 by the Consumer Research Council. Additionally, he has been commended as a leader in top implant, cosmetic and sedation dentistry within those years. Since 2014, Avi went on to jointly form a company called Dental Sleep Masters.

While a highly accomplished and regarded dentist, Avi has always had a deep desire to help others. With a love a dentistry and passion for humanity, it has been his utmost desire to touch the lives of these precious children who are born with devastating facial deformities. Avi Weisfogel has felt the urge to do his part in raising money to support this effort. This passion led him to team up with Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is an international medical charity who believes every child deserves exceptional surgical care. They strive to provide corrective facial surgery to the less fortunate. Most importantly, it is their goal that these precious children be treated like their own. The children are taught to live a life filled with hope, even when they didn’t think that was possible.

Avi Weisfogel has done an exceptional job using his talents in the field of dentistry to bring hope to the children who are suffering from devastating facial deformities. Please consider joining him as he sponsors a GoFundMe campaign in his effect to raise funds for these children. By sponsoring, you will touch these young lives giving them a bright and hopeful future.