Jim Dondero Looks Optimistically Towards the New Year

Jim Dondero is an optimist. Ecstatic about what the new year will bring, even though the market last year ended on a “flat note,” Jim’s outlook for the new year is cautiously optimistic. He believes over the course of the year stability will return to the commodity market, and with that stability we will see a reassertion of the U.S. dollar to its position of authority in the global market.

Jim Dondero is the Founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management. HCM is an SEC registered investments adviser which has with its affiliates approximately¬†$21 billion in assets under management. They specialize in credit strategizes and alternative investments. In fact, his company is one of the most experienced firms in alternative credit management. It’s made a reputation for itself in the field of creative management solutions, and even when the market was unstable and just a little irritating his alternate investments like new and emerging markets and natural resources continued to make money for their clients.

So what makes him so optimistic? For one, in December,HCM announced quarterly earnings from a hedge fund portfolio valued at $3.43 billion. Although there was a decrease of $1.48 billion from the previous quarter of $4.91 billion, it was still an awesome year of growth with the company bringing in sixty-nine new stocks.

Jim’s optimism says this is a good time to invest because the market has rallied. Investors marveled and rejoiced this past Friday when the U.S. market closed higher than it has in four weeks.

This rally was aided by a lot of things; the most important of these was a recovery in oil. Oil topped at its highest settling in at $32.19 a barrel up nine percent. The Nasdaq composite had a gain of twenty-five percent with its U.S. averages more than half a percent higher. The Dow Jones industrial average closed about 210 higher with Apple and Goldman Sachs as the heavy hitters that contributed the most to the gain.

Jim Dondero and HCM believe that the country is in good shape. They look to signs that promise meticulous and steady changes. Buyer activity has increased, and there seems to be a positive outlook on the economy, markets and investments. Jim Dondero’s optimism gives the rest of us reason to hope as we believe with him that there is a silver lining in the mercurial cloud of global markets. Follow Jim on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the market.