Brian Torchin Healthcare Staffing Expert

Brian Torchin currently serves as the President of HCRC Staffing. Torchin has spent the better part of his career life staffing, opening and managing HCRC offices in different parts in the US such as in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida states. Torchin started off by hiring physicians, physical therapists, doctors of chiropractic, physician assistants to his offices and as the number grew saw the need to create HCRC Staffing. Torchin built HCRC with the objective of ensuring that clients worldwide get the best type of treatment from his team of well-trained personnel. Torchin has been able to steer HCRC to be one of the top leading staffing and consulting firm in the health care industry. Read more about Brian Torchin on Behance

Torchin’s Achievements

Brian Torchin has achieved a lot in the many years that he has been in the healthcare industry. Torchin having been in the industry for long saw the difficulty medical graduate went through in trying to secure meaningful employment. At the same time, patients were also complaining on the shortage of skilled and well-trained personnel. Torchin being an entrepreneur saw this opportunity and tapped it. He created HCRC staffing company that has helped many college graduates, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professional find jobs. Besides HCRC has gone an extra mile to ensure that clients worldwide can be able to access health services from qualified, highly skilled and well trained medical personnel. HCRC has been able to achieve this through vetting of their recruits before placement to various work stations. Through HCRC a significant number of patients globally have been able to access quality healthcare.

Media Outlets that have featured Brian

Brian Torchin has been featured in several media outlets as a result of his immense contribution to the healthcare industry. In May 2013 a digital journal from Simply hired featured Torchin work of staffing the global healthcare industry. In 2014 Torchin was gain features in another media outlet which highlighted how Torchin was able to bring chiropractic into the limelight through the HCRC program your health is in safe hands. Other media outlets that have featured Torchin include Topix that wrote an article on how Torchin has achieved to recruit great Chiropractors and Examiner .com that wrote a piece of how Torchin is helping meet the demand for medical professionals.