Dr. Jennifer Walden: One Powerful Woman

You may be familiar with a well known plastic surgeon named Dr. Jennifer Walden. Popular for have training many professionals in New York City, her original practice, and for her newer office in Austin, Texas, this woman is one media darling. This incredibly intelligent professional has it all: a successful career, a beautiful family and the support of her many clients and fans nationwide.

When she first began her education, she attended and graduated from the Universite of Texas. Soon after, she was accepted into the medical school, where she graduated as salutatorian. When she decided to pursue a career in plastic surgery, she got matched to a program at UT Galveston. Upon completing her degree, she also got accepted along with only one other person, into an exclusive fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital- one of her many prestigious accomplishments! She originally decided to be a plastic surgeon for the artistry of the task, and to help women gain more confidence in their appearance. She has been in practice for over thirty years- talk about impressive!

This strong, brilliant woman is one to be inspired by. Smart successful and a single mother to two beautiful boys. In her thirties she decided that in-vitro-fertilization would be perfect for her, as she felt ready to be a mother. She ended up with twins, Ree and Houston. After the arrival of her sons, she started a brand new practice in her hometown to stay close to her family.

Another thing about Dr. Jennifer Walden is that she is the only woman on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She has also won many awards, honors, is media darling and a successful published author. One thing is for sure: this woman is definitely an inspiration to women everywhere.

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Dr. Sergio Cortes on How to Cope With Zika


No signs of the annoying zika virus were present anywhere in the world until the 1940’s, where symptoms were first discovered in people of African countries, namely Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and Uganda. According to Brazillian doctor Sergio Cortes, the virus has spread to many other places over the years, such as southeastern Asian countries like Laos and Thailand.

Last year, in 2015, the zika virus, unfortunately, found it’s way to nine Latin American countries, including Brazil and Mexico. This ended up causing concern for the World Health Organization, which prompted them to immediately issue warnings about the pesky disease and advise people of the consequences of not receiving treatment.

The first signs of zika in South America were in April of 2015. It originated in Brazil and then began quickly circulating throughout the continent and into Central America. The growing number of infections is causing rising concern for medical personnel throughout South America. Fortunately, the virus’s symptoms are more petty and troublesome than they are life-threatening. Dr. Sergio Cortes says that while the virus is rapidly spreading, it is capable of being cured just as rapidly. The most fear-raising aspect of the virus is that the World Health Organization, or WHO, has recently found links between zika and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Dr. Cortes is a medical expert who concurs with WHO about the correlations between zika and Guillain-Barre syndrome. Guillain-Barre syndrome is a potentially fatal disease that drastically affects the neurological and autoimmune systems of the human body. According to the recent studies that were done by the World Health Organization and Dr. Sergio Cortes, the zika virus may also be related to microcephaly. This was confirmed last August by the Brazillian Ministry of Health.

Dr. Cortes selected some of the most important issues about the situation at hand in order to educate the public on this outbreak.

Transmission of the Virus

Zika is not a contagious virus, and, therefore, cannot be spread from person-to-person.The only way to get the disease is to get bitten by a specific species of mosquito, Aedes aegypti. This same mosquito is responsible for spreading dengue fever.

For Pregnant Women

Dr. Cortes advises pregnant women and also women planning to get pregnant to take special caution regarding zika. It is crucial that certain places with numerous insects are best avoided by pregnant women. It’s also recommended to keep the body as clothed as possible and to use repellents.

About Dr. Sergio Cortes

Dr. Sergio Cortes is a medical doctor fro Brazil with a published website detailing his many achievements and experiences as a doctor. For more information, you can visit his web page at the following link: http://sergiocortesoficial.com/

More info and other tips about the Zika virus, you can visit: http://sergiocortesoficial.com/2015/12/18/descubra-mais-sobre-o-zika-virus-com-o-dr-sergio-cortes/

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: How To Choose A Good Plastic Surgeon

Are you looking for information about plastic surgeons in Texas? Wondering why Dr. Jennifer Walden is considered
one of the most reliable plastic surgeons in Texas? If you are in need of plastic surgery, it’s important that you choose a qualified specialized who is also well known for providing top notch service.

There are several ways to go about looking for a good surgeon. One way is to contact friends or relatives, to find out if they know a good plastic surgeon. You can also ask for recommendations from your primary care physician, dentist or other medical practitioner. Other professionals, such as accountants and attorney, are also a good source of information about doctors and surgeons.

Once you have gathered a few names and contact details, your next step is to set up a consultation to discuss your need and find out how the surgeon can help you. During the consultation, you will be able to ask any questions or present any concerns you may have. Make sure you pay good attention to how the surgeon responds to your questions.

When it comes to choosing a reputable plastic surgeon for your procedure, look no further than Dr. Jennifer Walden – a top rated plastic surgeon in Texas.

Dr. Jennifer Walden comes highly recommended in the medical field. She is a highly dedicated medical practitioner, specializing plastic surgery. She has provided services for many years, and her patients come from all walks of life. Dr. Jennifer Walden has a private practice in cosmetic plastic surgery and is medical director of her own fully accredited office. She also operates a laser center with a team of team of aestheticians, an advanced laser specialist and a cosmetic injector.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has earned a great reputation in the medical field and is regarded as one of the most reliable surgeons in his field. Dr. Jennifer Walden has personally mentored many of his associates and partners and takes pleasure in seeing others succeed. She takes the time to evaluate her patient’s situation and then uses her great skill to fix any problems.

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